Fish Our Private Waters

From early spring to late fall, Fun Valley has some of the finest pond and stream fishing to be found. Whether it’s fishing on the 1.5 miles of the South Fork of the Rio Grande River that runs through the park or fishing in one of the many small ponds within the park, Fun Valley fishing will not disappoint!

Fun Valley stocks its 15  ponds with rainbow and brown trout for the fishing enjoyment of our guests. A Fun Valley Fishing permit is required to fish our ponds. The fishing permit may be purchased in the Gift Shop.

Fishing on the South Fork of the Rio Grande River is “catch and release”.

Fun Valley also has a Guaranteed Catch Pay Pond. A fishing pole and bait are provided. You pay by the inch for the fish you catch.

Guaranteed Catch Fish Pond

  • Pay Per Inch Caught

  • Have Us Clean It for a small fee

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